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Joker 2.0 - Portrait


Action figure of Joker from The Dark Knight (2008) as played by Heath Ledger.

Hot Toys Joker 2.0
Manufacturer code: DX11
Release: December 2012

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They say - you will never forget your FIRST... Hot Toys.
This Joker was mine.

So here are some unboxing photos and a few portrait shots I've made upon recieving this figure.



A BIG box: 36,5cm x 30cm x 16cm, which is impossible to throw away.
Quality level and attention to detail is just incredible.

Joker 2.0 | Box (front)

Joker 2.0 | Box
Joker 2.0 | Box
Joker 2.0 | Box
Joker 2.0 | Contents
Joker 2.0 | Head housed in a box
Joker 2.0 | Two heads

This is a deluxe release, so he comes with a lot of accessories: plenty of extra hands, furniture, diorama backdrop.
Plenty of weapons, but also a pack of money, stack of cards,a PENCIL, handcuffs.
All knives do fold out.
Handcuffs do work.
Cards - are all Jokers.
There is a special hole for a pencil in this table...

Joker 2.0 | Furniture
Joker 2.0 | Furniture


Joker 2.0 - Portrait
Joker 2.0 - Portrait
Joker 2.0 - Full height

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