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Loki (Dark World): Portrait

Action figure of Loki from Thor: The Dark World (2013) as played by Tom Hiddleston.

Hot Toys - Loki (Thor: The Dark World)
Manufacturer code: MMS231
Released: 2014

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If there's no Loki in your collection - no girl will ever come over to "take a look". In all seriousness, "Do you have a Loki figure?" is the most asked question upon learning about my hobbie.

So now, yes, I do have a Loki in my collection.
I've preordered "Dark World" version, as a) first version is being sold for too much money b) trust my rage! c) I really liked his expression and wanted to have a man, not a boy displayed.

He is sharing a shelf with Harlock, as their capes compliment each other nicelly.



Hot Toys Loki Promo 02

Hot Toys Loki Promo 03

Hot Toys Loki Promo 04

Hot Toys Loki Promo 01


Loki (Dark World): Box

Loki (Dark World): Box (back)

Loki (Dark World): Inlay

Loki (Dark World): boxed

Loki (Dark World): Contents


Loki (Dark World): Portrait

Loki (Dark World): Portrait

Loki (Thor: The Dark World)

Loki (Dark World): Full height

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