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John Constantine: portrait

Action figure of John Constantine from Constantine (TV) as played by Matt Ryan.

SooSoo Toys - Paranormal Detective
Manufacturer code: SST-007
Released: announced in December 2018, released - late December 2018.
Arrived: January 2019

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Some dreams seem outrageous - cancelled DC TV-shows don't get figures! - but this one did!
John Constantine is a beloved character and his portrayal by Matt Ryan is exceptional - he is perfect.

SooSoo toys did this character justice - preorder was a no-brainer for me.
I already own another Constantine - Keanu Reeves version from 2005 film, so there will be joint photosets and other supernatural fun in stock for them.


Promo photos

SooSoo Toys Constantine Promo 01

SooSoo Toys Constantine Promo 06

SooSoo Toys Constantine Promo 05


Colorful, but simple box, inlay can be used as backdrop.
Besides accessories shown on above photo several more items were included:

  • Small bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey
  • Cigarette and a carton pack
  • Extra wrist pegs.

John Constantine: box (front) John Constantine: box (back) John Constantine: close-up John Constantine: contents


Body seems sturdy enough, but I do have a complaint - head is attached in such a way, that tilt is very hard to achieve without popping head off in the process - I would definetely replace neck connector on mine.
Neck connector replacement will also help to elevate head a bit and fix slightly large collar size (at least visually).

Outfit could have be sewn with more care, but - it can be easily fixed with help of small scissors and some patience.

First photos

So... onto photos!

John Constantine: portraitJohn Constantine: portraitJohn Constantine: light upJohn Constantine: smokingJohn Constantine: full height



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