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New photoset: War protest

March 02, 2022 23:09 | Comments: 0 | Categories: | Tags:


War protest can be effective on any scale.

Photoset protesting ongoing war in Ukraine, photos were taken in St. Petersburg, Russia, near Memorial to Victims of Political Repressions.

I was not the only one to find this place appropriate to express my support for peace, flowers in paper packaging in colors of Ukrainian and Belarus flags were left by someone before me.

New photoset: Wet dream

February 25, 2022 04:33 | Comments: 0 | Categories: | Tags:

Wet dream

New Star Wars photoset, created for Galactic Empire team for 2022 Russian Winter Fandom Batlle.

Kylo Ren has a dream and he himself is not sure what to make of it. Is it an erotic fantasy? Wish for acceptence? Or lust for power?

New photoset: Through the forest

October 25, 2021 18:34 | Comments: 0 | Categories: | Tags:

Through the forest

Photoset "Through the Forest" with Ginko takes place at the park Sosnovka, in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Photos were taken in August 2021, after I gave Ginko his new body (old Medicom figures are notoriously brittle!). After body switch I no longer fear taking him out on photo walks, so more outings are planned.